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1. What method of shipping does Page Foam Cushioned Products use?

Answer: We make sure we look at every option to ship your products to you quickly and most economical.  We can use our own trucks or we work closely with many different freight carriers, UPS and FedEx where applicable.

2. Is freight included the pricing for products?

Answer:  If you have already received a price quote from Page Foam Cushioned Products please refer to that to see if freight is included.  Most quotes are given with freight included.  If you received pricing via a price list, most likely freight is not included.  Please contact us for an accurate freight quote.

3. Are your chairlift seat pads "One Size Fits All"?

Answer: No. Contact us for additional information if you are unsure if the seat pads we have listed would work in your situation.  We specialize in being able to manufacture products to your exact specification.

4. What is the difference in foam types?

Answer: Since Page manufactures products for many different industries we specialize in using many different types of foam.  We manufacture with open cell polyurethane foam, closed cell foam, densified polyester fiber, Evidry foam and memory foam.

5. Do you manufacture mattresses with different types of covers?

Answer:  We offer many different styles and types of mattresses.  Please check out our Contract Mattresses section of our website for additional information.

6.  Do you offer odd size mattresses.

Answer:  Being a manufacturer we are able to work directly with out suppliers and come up with many odd or off the wall sizes for mattresses.  Please contact us for addional information if you require a non traditional size of mattress.